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Chris' Midlife Crisis

After almost 20 years in the outdoor rep business, My midlife crisis looks a lot different than most. Replacing the fast car is a very fast boat. Replacing the 25 year old girlfriend is the pursuit of 2 to 12 year old largemouth bass. Also after 23 years of focusing most of my fishing efforts with a fly rod, it has been a lot of fun to return to my Tennessee roots and pick up the spin and casting rods again. With that being said I have found a renewed passion for angling, including mastering electronics, boat control, and the knowledge of black bass patterns and migrations. The tournament aspect of doing this allows for sponsorship opportunities and some day maybe even some tournament winnings to help fund my time on the water! I am currently still very much in the learning phase and hopefully I can bridge the gap from conventional angling to an added new look of flies and techniques to show something different to many of these pressured fisheries. In no way shape or form do I believe I am going to kick everyone's ass! However, I believe to be good at this I am going to have to jump in with both feet and get the experience that I need to be successful. I also plan on having a lot of fun while trying!

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