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Moving to Live With the Bass

Well, Things have been a bit hectic. In December we moved from Montana to Franklin, Tennessee. You might ask "why Tennessee?" and the answer is quite simple. So that I can make my national travel a lot easier. Nashville is located almost in the exact center of what I call the 60%. Those are the areas and states that have the majority of my tournaments. When I lived in Montana, I kept my truck and boat in Tennessee for the last couple of years. I would fly to Nashville, then get my truck and boat, then head out. This added two days to all tournament travel and I would often find myself burning a few days doing maintenance on the truck, boat, or fishing gear. I am now two tournaments into the 2018 season and I have been able to drive 10 hours or less to each one. Sometimes I can leave practice and head home for one of my kids functions and then be back on the lake for more practice or the tournament. Needless to say this has been a move that needed to happen for my family and for my fishing.

The Fishing...... I am now finally settled in my new Boat Barn. It is awesome! It is about 40 feet long and 30 feet wide. Large enough for my truck, boat, desk, tackle storage, and an area for making lures. Now that it is set up the way I want it I can now focus totally on spending the majority of my down time on the water.

I am convinced that the key to any tournament bass angler's success is directly related to becoming more intimate with the fish. Everytime I am on the water I become a little bit more confident in certain techniques. I am also able to experiment with my equipment, lures, electronics, boat position, and most of all fish movements and locations. I really think that this is the key for me to becoming more successful and acheiving the next level of "being one with the bass"!

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