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January 16, 2019

After a successful tournament pulling a 35th place finish at the Arkansas River in Oklahoma I kept the ball rolling with another top 40 on Lake Logan Martin in Alabama and finally my best finish yet with a 15th place finish at Douglas Lake in Tennessee to wrap up the 2018 schedule.  That is 3 top 40's out of 8 tournaments.  Still not where I want to be but a definite improvement that I could taste.  Big shout out to Simms for my sponsorship in 2018 and going foreward into 2019.

Here is a photo of the Phoenix boats big bass of the tournament that I caught on the last day.  She weighed almost 7 pounds!

March 20, 2018

Well,  Things have been a bit hectic.  In December we moved from Montana to Franklin, Tennessee.  You might ask "why Tennessee?" and the answer is quite simple.  So that I can make my national travel a lot easier.  Nashville is located almost in the exact center of what I call the 60%.  Those are the areas and states  that have the majority of my tournaments.  When I lived in Montana, I kept my truck and boat in Tennessee for the last couple of years.  I would fly to Nashville, then get my truck and boat, then head out.  This added two days to all tournament travel and I would often find myself burning a few days doing maintenance on the truck, boat, or fishing gear.  I am now two tournaments into the 2018 season and I have been able to drive 10 hours or less to each one.  So...

August 14, 2017

As I write this post my 2017 season is 2/3 done.  I have been on the road fishing since February and I am a bit tired.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the first part of this season.  I have caught fish better this year than ever before, I have swung for the fences, played it safe, given up, not given up, gotten my ass kicked by the fish, gotten my ass kicked by the weather, gotten my ass kicked by my co-angler, had big fish come off at the boat, learned a ton, almost cried, did cry, and I have thrown some temper tantrums that would impress my two year old.  Through all of this there has been only one consistent thing that I have been able to count on.  That is my wife.  She puts up with this crazy decision of mine,  holds our family together when I am gone, an...

January 25, 2017

I just wrapped up the last of my tournaments for 2016.  The first one being on Fort Gibson in Wagoner, OK. Then on to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  I didn't finish as well in either of these tournaments as I was hoping.  However these were the first two tournaments with my new supporting sponsor Simms and the fully wrapped boat and truck.

Fort Gibson was as stingy as it was the last time that I was there.  This impoundment has had my number twice and I hope that it is a while til i am back fishing there.  I had four fish on day one and every single one of them came off of a brush pile the size of the desk I am currently writing on.  When I first pulled up to the brush pile I did not get bit on my first 10 casts.  Then I proceeded to circle the brush pile and cast...

June 7, 2016

I guess that high pitch whistling sound wasn't the wind hitting my Power Poles funny!  After a great practice and successful first day on Kentucky Lake I found myself bobbing around in the middle of the lake on day two with a blown air compressor.


I had found an area where there was some beautiful grass and laydowns in practice.  It was one of those areas that you don't fish it in practice but only look at it and say to yourself, self I know that there are bass in that grass!  Day one of the tournament I decided to roll down to this area and flip the grass for a while.  When we pulled up there were bass chasing shad all around the edges of the grass.  One thing came to mind.  Top water.  My co-angler and I worked the grass hard.  Kevin had on a spook and I opted for the frog....

June 7, 2016

Grand Lake of The Cherokees, Grove Oklahoma.  This tournament was one of my first where I felt as though I was really on big fish the whole time.  Fishing a medium running crankbait I was able to consistently put good fish in the boat all through practice. 


On day one of the tournament we awoke to cloudy skies with few thunder showers working nearby. I had found a stretch of docks in practice that seemed magical at the time.  I was really concerned that a lot of other boats had found the same thing.  The water in the area I was fishing was pretty stained but the temperatures were coming up and the fish were consistently moving back and forth in my area.  as I pulled up to my docks after racing several boats into my area, I was pleased to find these docks did not see...

May 10, 2016



Got crushed on Lake Dardanelle. Had my gear case in my lower unit go out in practice and had to wait for the Mercury Tournament Support team to show up to fix it. Was only able to run a coupla miles from the launch in practice.  This area had fish but was getting an insane amount of pressure.  Great excuse! The guy who won it had engine trouble and won the tournament right there close to the boat ramp! 


The engine trouble definitely messed with my mind.  I knew guys were running 20 miles up river and catching them in dirty water pitching jigs.  That is my favorite way to fish a river lake like Dardanelle.  I am also always the guy that tries to run and find water that is not pressured. I believe the big fish like to lick my jigs a little more readily when it is th...

March 11, 2016

 Nothing in tournament fishing has ever come super easy for me!  That is ok.  When I started I always figured luck could play a huge role in me starting to shave the learning curve of the incredibley complex sport of bass fishing quickley.  However the reality is that hard work and time on the water are the only way to excell at this sport.  I always thought that I could avoid all of the rookie mistakes by just knowing about them.  Not the case.  So far I have made mistakes.  Here is the list for those who want a good chuckle.


Throwing fish back that I thought would not keep because they were 14" when I thought they had to be 15".  They only had to be 14"  That was three fish in my first tournament ever that was a very tough one.  Those thr...

January 3, 2016


Many people would never believe how much work it is to fish full time for a living.  Yes there are the glorious (and many more not so glorious days on the water).  Days driving thousands of miles and even more hours than one can imagine studying topo maps and preparing gear.  It might be amazing to everyone who has never experienced tournament fishing before just how much gear preperation goes into every day on the water. 


First off you have a power boat as your number one tool.  To anyone who owns one the old anectdote goes "the two happiest days in your life have to do with your boat,  the first happiest day is when you buy your new boat.  The second happiest day is when you sell it."  I do not look at it this way.  I am extremely anal about the functionalit...

October 23, 2015

I arrived at Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri on the 21st of September.  Right down the hill from the house we rented was a private boat ramp.  I dunked the boat on the morning of the 22nd and motored around the small cove to have a look at the electronics.  The lake looked super cool.  No vegetation although there were standing trees all over the place both under the water and protruding from the lake.  The water was clear.  I knew from the research that I had done that alot of times the fish were found deep in this lake because of the clear water.  I also knew that the healthy populations of smallmouth, Kentucky spotts, and Largemouth were able to dine on a variety of shad, warmouth, crayfish, and countless other species of bait.  Once again I was at the lake early read...

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2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open #1

Harris Chain of Lakes Leesburg, Florida

January 24-26, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Central Open #1

Toledo Bend, Many, Louisianna

February 20-22, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Central Open #2

Smith Lake Jasper, Alabama

April 25-27, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open #2

Lake Chickamauga, Dayton Tennessee

May 23-25, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open #3

James River, Richmond, Virginia

July 25-27, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Central Open #3

Mississippi River, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

August 1-3, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open #4

Oneida Lake, Syracuse, New York

September 5-7, 2019

2019 Bassmaster Central Open #4

Grand Lake O' The Cherokees, Grove, Oklahoma

September 12-14, 2019

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